Perimenopause and Sports MassageIt has been reported that perimenopause can be responsible for about 100 different symptoms and can often make a woman feel like she is going completely mad… and getting the right support system in place is vital to navigate what can be very choppy waters and come out the other side feeling safe from the journey.

The following symptoms can be alleviated a touch by myself and Jen during your regular sports massage appointments.


massage is known to reduce water retention in the whole body, no matter where on the body is being massaged.


massage can help the body relax and let go of tension that may be sucking your energy resources and making you more tired overall.

Headaches & Migraines;

often hormonal changes will lead to more tense muscles, as well as our experience of various symptoms can make us feel stressed. Releasing the tension in the upper back, shoulder, and neck muscles, can relieve the pain of headaches and migraines.

Joint & Muscle pain;

as with headaches, relieving the tension build up around your joints and in your muscles overall can be helpful. Interestingly, like with bloating, it does not matter where the massage takes place to have an overall beneficial effect. So if something is just too sore to be touched, don’t let this be a barrier to seeking help.

Anxiety & Depression;

there is a natural hit of feel good hormones from massage and this alone can alleviate feelings of anxiousness and depression. Also it does not matter where massage takes place for this, so if removing items of clothing is uncomfortable for you we can provide massage on safer feeling areas.

Dry skin;

Jen and I use a wonderful liquid wax as our massage medium and it is incredibly moisturizing and will leave your skin feeling rehydrated after your massage.

Not sure if any of those things will actually help you or your loved one? Book in and find out

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