Positive Impact On Perimenopausal WomanProbably the most mind-blowing fact that both Chloe & Jen have come across so far on their research into perimenopause, is that strength training has just about the biggest positive impact on perimenopausal woman and her symptoms. We both love strength training and have been doing it for years and we are absolutely thrilled that something we enjoy so much can have such a big effect.

To put it very simply, getting stronger not only brings you the benefits of healthier muscles and stronger joints, but it also reduces some of the major symptoms experienced. Night sweats is one of those major symptoms, and one study found that three sessions lasting thirty minutes of resistance training each week reduced those night sweats, and other symptoms, by a whopping 44%.

Isn’t that incredible?
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Positive Impact On Perimenopausal Woman

Well how about knowing that the same strength training can dramatically slow down osteoporosis, increase mobility at all your joints, increase your calorie burn, improve your cognitive capacity and responses, and improve your self-esteem. That last one is particularly important during a major hormonal shift like perimenopause, because your sense of self will naturally change and will impact a lot of other areas in your life.

Never done strength training before? It’s ok, you’re not alone. Talk to Jen or myself about getting started. Chloe is also a qualified personal trainer and enjoys helping people transition through difficulties, whether they come from perimopause symptoms or from injuries. Email her directly at [email protected] if you’d like to find out more.

A few tips regarding the strength training you need to do if you’re happy to give it a go yourself – lift heavy to bring about changes to your body that I’m talking about here. Heavy is considered to be a total of 16kg across two dumbbells, or one resistance band, or one barbell. Free weights bring a whole host of benefits, so if you can, choose these. Start lighter than 16kg if you’re a complete beginner, especially when it comes to upper body exercises. Start low and slow and build up to where your workouts need to be for optimal results.

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