Physical Pension Part 5Hello and welcome to this week’s blog – Physical Pension – Part 5. The last in March and the last in my Physical Pension Series.

If I had received £1 for every person who told me that they HATED exercise, I would probably be swimming in my own back garden pool right now! Usually these people don’t realise that they actually love being active, walking or moving, shopping and cleaning, gardening and DIY, and they just have not found any thing else that inspires them.

Because it can sometimes be difficult to find activity that is enjoyable, I thought I would create a handy reference guide right here for many of the sports and activities that are available in our local area of Hinckley & Bosworth,  to help you navigate the things that interest you.



Fields Fitness


Leisure Centre

Iron Generation Gym (3) The Iron Generation Gym | Facebook

Sketchley Grange


Leisure Centre

Sketchley Grange


Burbage Common

Hollycroft Park

Richmond Park

Brodick Road Park

Battling Brook Green Corridor

Hartshill Hayes

Ambion Way

The Canal


Hinckley Rugby Club

Leicester Road Football Club 07445 328996

Hinckley Ladies Football Hinckley Ladies FC | Facebook

DiDi Rugby


Table Tennis

Lawn Bowls



Miniature Golf Blaby Golf Centre – Fun Family Day Out In Leicestershire

Indoor Rock Climbing Climb Leicester

Roller Skating Roller Skating | Midlands Roller Arena | Lutterworth




Paddle Boarding



Dancing (3) The Haus Of Zee | Facebook

And that is just scratching the surface of all the fabulous and motivated people and clubs we have in the area. Please do consider joining in with a class, or a club, once lockdown is over. Clubs have suffered so much during this last year, and they will be grateful to receive new members.

Go on, have a go!

Thank you for reading this weeks blog – Physical Pension – Part 5, and I will see you very soon.


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