Hello and welcome to April’s brand-new blog theme, all about shaking off the lockdown. Shaking off the last year, the pandemic stress, the boredom. Shaking off EVERYTHING that has happened this last year, physically and mentally.

We are forging ever closer to the end of lockdown. Hopefully forever, and you should decide what you would like your post-pandemic life to look like. Do you really want to rush back to your previous normal? Or do you want to invest some time thinking about how you would like your new normal to look and shake off the lockdown and live a better life?

I have some ideas too, and for my regular readers, you will know exactly what I am about to talk about…

…Self-Care and…. Movement!


Self-care is a buzz phrase of late, and for good reason. It comes with many different guises, usually as marketing ploys for things you definitely do not need, but occasionally want, and that is okay too.

But the real self-care comes in recognising what it is you need to be emotionally, physically, and spiritually fulfilled without being worn out.

Exercise in the form of attending a gym, a sports group, exercises classes, or countryside walks, is an excellent way to meet many different forms of self-care.


Shake Off Lockdown…is medicine.

I walked 1,108,700 steps January 1st to March 20th 2021… and it was my self-care.

It might sound like a lot, but it is 14,000 steps a day on average, though I had busier days and quieter days – like the day I walked with a friend along the canal from Nutts Lane in Hinckley and accidentally ended up in Nuneaton! I say accidentally, as we usually walk three to five miles together and once we got talking we didn’t notice that the canal is a never-ending path without many landmarks to remind us where we are. It is also a wide path so perfect for a socially distanced walk if you are looking for somewhere new to explore.

Maybe walking and exploring all that Hinckley has to offer will be a great way for you to introduce some self-care into your daily life? Yes, daily movement is absolutely necessary to health, and to self-care, you just need to figure out what your daily movement should look like.

Walking. Dancing. Yoga. Lifting. Boxing. Cycling. Choose one and get MOVING! Shake off Lockdown!

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog. Please remember that I am available for Personal Training right now, check my Facebook page www.facebook.com/astralsportsmassage  regularly to see when I open my diary for massage. Alternatively, you can contact me on [email protected] and ask to be put on my waiting list.

See you soon,

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