Your Fitness GoalsYou’ve learnt what SMART goals are from last weeks blog, and you have settled on one or more small goals to help you reach the bigger goal. Now what? One aspect that is absolutely vital to consider and make time for alongside your physical goals, is your mental health and any goals that you need to have in place to ensure the success of your physical goals. This could be in the form of regular counselling, or your daily walk, or meditation. Ensure that your body gets the same downtime, even if you are active, you can be gently active to allow time for recovery.

What should you do if you happen to suffer an injury while taking part in reaching your goals? Well, that’s where Jen and I come in! As Sports Massage Therapists we have been trained how to help your muscles, tendons, and ligaments recover from an injury or a strain from overuse or new activity for them. It could be something as simple as soreness from your new regime which is preventing you from thinking about doing the next exercise, or has indeed made you take an extended rest from your activity. Visit us before the rest period becomes the norm and you must start from the beginning again.

Your Fitness Goals

Usually though, aches and pains from starting a new routine of exercise and activity will go away by themselves, and the best way to do that is to actually perform the exercise or activity that caused the discomfort in the first place. Yes, really!

It might be that you need to pare it back a bit and not be quite so vigorous, but making your muscles move in the way that originally made them sore, will get fresh blood pumping though the muscles tissue and aid the recovery process. The worse thing you can do when sore is nothing. Even if something massive happens like putting your back out – keep moving. Small and consistent movements might be needed, but just keep moving.

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