Sports Therapy Association (STA)Chloe usually writes the blogs here at Astral Fitness, but has decided to rest her weary fingers and let Jen takeover for the month of April.

An Update with Jen

As part of our profession, we have an obligation to keep up to date, relevant and educated. Chloe and I are both full members of the Sports Therapy Association (STA), which comes with yearly requirements to maintain our membership. As part of my continual professional development (CPD) I have attended the yearly Therapy Expo show.

This is a two-day experience for therapists to attend talks, learn about new areas of research and speak to experts in their field. When planning my time at these events I seem to gravitate to certain topic areas more than others. My attention heads towards anything on the rotator cuff, the feet, basic gait analysis, the neck and last but by no means least perimenopause and its effects on the female musculoskeletal system.

Being in my 40’s now with perimenopause creeping in, it is becoming more relevant to learn as much as I can to be in the best position to support my female clients. In fact, a lot of musculoskeletal problems can be attributed to the perimenopause for females in their 40’s, including pain and problems with the joints. This is an area Chloe, and I will continue to learn more about, along with the other topics mentioned. I hope to bring fresh relevant treatment to my practice and
help more clients along the way. Thank you for your time.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Sports Therapy Association (STA).

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