Hello and welcome to this week’s blog – Shake Off Lockdown! – Part Two. I am so excited! My business is re-open! WOOHOOOOOOO!

But before we really get started into our new normal, I thought I would take a look back over the last rollercoaster of a year and tell you a bit about what I got up to, as well as how I stayed sane during this most recent lockdown.


Way back when a pandemic was brand new news, and lockdowns were unheard of, I was quite happy building up my business again after being back to work just five months after recovering from a broken arm. What a worry those six weeks off from work had been… I feel almost as though I had taunted the world to throw me a greater challenge, and boy, did it!

For me a rough first fortnight, I think most people did, having a curveball like that thrown at all of us. I didn’t have a family to ready for work and school, a gym to go to first thing, or a job to go to after that. The world was ghostly quiet. The roads are usually only that quiet on Christmas Day… it was like Christmas Day every day, except without the merriment and food. I walked every afternoon, but I found it hard to wake up properly, moving through the whole day on autopilot in a fog of barely-there.


I soon pulled myself out of it by deep diving my extensive book collection, which has grown and evolved in style right along with me. I purposely chose light cheerful reads that reminded me of less troublesome times, and pretty much re-read a book a day for a month. My family experienced similar emotions and we were doing much the same thing, except for my husband who carried on working the whole way through, from our sofa. I read next to him to keep him company as much as giving me company too.

Once I came out of my book drunkenness, I sobered up with sunshine in the garden, dog cuddles, and a lot more walking… because as we all know by now, movement is indeed medicine.

Tune in next week to find out how I spent Lockdown 3.0.

Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks blog – Shake Off Lockdown! – Part Two. I will see you soon, but if you need me, please do get in touch.

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