Hello and welcome to this week’s blog – Shake Off Lockdown! – Part Three. How are you all faring back in a less restricted world? I started last weeks blog with what I got up to in the lockdowns, and here is the rest…

LOCKDOWN 2.0…The less said about Lockdown 2.0 in November of last year, the better!


And here we are, back to the most recent lockdown in the UK. This time around I did a lot more walking than in the first lockdown.

Firstly, as a Personal Trainer, I was allowed to work under the new lockdown rules. This allowed me to train clients in an outdoor space while maintaining social distancing. Straight away I had something to hope for, and plan, and that made such a difference to me and my family. However, I did need some extra income. So for a few months I was also a Personal Carer for a chronically ill lady in Burbage. But my first love is movement, so I walked or cycled to her and home every day!

And when it comes to movement, there is not much that will stop me from getting it done. Even if it is through a fog like in lockdown 1.0!

I decided to challenge myself to compete in virtual events, earning medals along the way. I have mentioned https://www.theconqueror.events before, go check them out!


The first challenge I completed of theirs was The English Channel. To make it more interesting, I used my indoor rower to complete the 21 miles, imagining myself on the high seas all the while.

Next up was The Inca Trail, a marathon length medal. So I decided to run the distance over a few Sundays to achieve that one. I walked set walks a couple of times a week for The Mount Fuji of 46 miles. Then chose the longer Ring of Kerry challenge of 124 miles. I completed that in a month, so decided to really push myself for the next challenge of the Giza Pyramids. Just 46 miles in 7 days. And I did it in 6 days! I was pleased with that, until my husband said that I seemed to find that a bit too easy! He said I should do the next challenge on my list, Hadrian’s Wall at 90 miles, in the same time frame.

I laughed and said, ‘you’re on!’

I completed the 90 miles in 8 days, which is not too shabby all things considered.

What I Learnt

Shake Off LockdownFrom doing these self-imposed challenges with a little prize at the end in the shape of a medal taught me a few things along the way- self discipline is needed to achieve above and beyond what you would usually, I don’t normally walk 90 miles in a week but then I don’t normally have so much spare time. It is about planning what you enjoy doing to move your body, around your every-day activities. Planning to do more than your current capabilities or time allowance is planning to fail.

And why would you do that to yourself?

I also learnt that because I am naturally very active, that the extra short-term load I placed on my body was well received and coped with admirably. I did not suffer any injuries or extra tiredness.

A client of mine completed the Lands End to John O’Groats medal from the same company before the first lockdown by getting up at dawn and walking for a couple of hours before work. Another runs in his lunch hour. A local teacher runs to and from Hastings High School in Hinckley to his home somewhere in Nuneaton… every day. You’ve probably seen him!

But the best thing about all these achievements? They didn’t happen the first day they were tried, every single one of them started with a short walk, then a longer one, then a short run, then a longer run. Every single feat of human excellence started with a single step. Remember that.

So how will you choose to shake off lockdown and be amazing?

Thank you for reading this weeks blog – Shake Off Lockdown! – Part Three.