So You Think Your Back is Weak?Both Jen and myself have a lot of clients come to see us with back pain, back discomfort, and occasional back issues.

We also have a lot of those clients who genuinely believe that their back is weak. Why is that?

Physiologically, your back is very unlikely to actually be weak. These blogs will explore some of the reasons why you might think that, and what you can do about it.

It Runs in the Family

Usually alongside the statement that your back is weak, there is a qualifier – It Runs in the Family.

It is true, that if you have a parent with a bad back, then you are more likely to have a bad back. Your chance of a bad back increases if both parents suffer with a bad back, and more so if you have grandparents, aunts or uncles, cousins, and siblings, with issues. But probably not for the reasons you might think.

Unless you or your family member has been diagnosed with a disease or medical issue that has a direct correlation to the way your back behaves and the discomfort or pain that results, it is highly unlikely that your bad back runs in the family, even if all your family members have non-medical bad backs.

But it still Runs in the Family!

Even so, that’s not an excuse for accepting your back pain.
The reason you feel like your bad back runs in the family is this: as a child you learn to move by copying your parents and other family movements around. Just like you learn to talk like them too, your movement patterns started out as theirs. Lifestyle is also a huge factor when it comes to any type of pain. From the way you spend your days, to the amount of walking you do, to the kind of job you choose and the way you move with it.

There are a couple of other factors as to why you might think your bad back runs in the family. Check in next week to find out more.

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