Weak Back Runs In The Family?When you think your weak back runs in the family, it is likely you have been conditioned to think that way by your family. Now, I don’t mean that in brain-washing-cult kind of way, but more in that you hear how your loved ones talk about their pain, and that is how your brain talks to itself about the same pain. This can often exacerbate what you are feeling, because the brain is very easily convinced about why a pain exists and that can quickly translate to muscular pain.

Weak Back Runs In The Family?

If you further believe that there is no solution to your weak back, you are set to not only continue the cycle for yourself, but to continue to your family around you and your friends too.

It’s not just bad, or weak, backs running in the family, that Jen and I hear about. It’s bad knees, bad shoulders, tense shoulders, migraines, weak ankles, dodgy hips. We have heard it all!

The first step to recovery from a ‘bad’ or ‘weak’ anything, is to change the way you think and speak about yourself and the pain you are experiencing. This can be incredibly difficult and sometimes is better when guided by a qualified mental health therapist, depending on the length of time you have been experiencing it. This kind of therapy needs to go hand in hand with a physical therapy – yes, such as sports massage. However, physiotherapy and other types of bodywork work well too and it is entirely down to personal choice.

How to Start Today

Talk about your weak back in your own head with positive words. Sometimes the quickest way to do that is to simply stop referring to it as your ‘weak back’. Simply refer to it as your back. That’s it, that’s the first step to changing your brain’s expectations of what to feel about your back.
Check back next week for some other hints and tips about your back, or other, pain.

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