Take Advantage of ModificationsHello and welcome to this week’s blog, a bit more about modifications and how to take advantage of them.

For at least a couple of decades I have used, and still use, workout DVDs. Now it’s more like workout apps on my phone or iPad these days, but the concept is the same. If you’re in the same boat and have used these types of workouts, then you will be very familiar with exercise modifications. Most of these videos have the instructor showing you the routine, with one or two class participants. One of those will demonstrate an advanced version of the move, whereas the other will show you a beginner’s version, sometimes called a basic version, or, you guessed it, a modification. Nearly every move that your body can do, can be modified to be easier or harder, depending on your goals.

You might have even inadvertently modified a move without realising it – participating in a class or workout that is a bit beyond you, you might have slowed down, reduced the span of your movement, or completed less reps or sets. And the opposite it true too, that you might have found it a little easy, so you increase your effort, the weight, and complete more reps and sets, to get more out of it.

First things first though, the easiest modification you can make to any movement or workout, is to use just your bodyweight. No resistance bands, dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells. Just you.

And same goes if you wish to modify it to be more challenging – pick up a weight and hold it while you complete the movement.

What about if you already can run quite far, and can lift heavy weights, what then?

Read next week to find out.

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