Why Modifications are Your Best Friend!Hello and welcome to this week’s blog, and a brand-new topic for May to discuss. Modifications- what are they and why should they be your best friend?

When it comes to health and fitness, sports and exercise, a lot of people see only the best of what is out there – the people at the top of their game who are idolised by millions, winning medals, and competitions, and are plastered on billboards and in magazines. It can make it a little tricky to understand where to start with your own active journey, or how to reach those same standards if you are already active. And what about if you have an injury or different ability level that slows you down or makes it more difficult for you?

That’s where modifications come in. None of us were born with the ability to run, but at some point, most of us can. Why? Because we didn’t try to run before our bodies were strong enough to be able to do it, hence the saying, ‘don’t run before you can walk’.

So, you want to run faster, start by running. If you cannot run at all, modify by walking fast.

Walking fast still a bit tricky for you? Then modify by walking slower and practise faster element

Don’t feel strong enough to do any of that? Then modify by strengthening your legs, your hips, your back, until walking some distance is possible. Then try a brief run.

Group classes are a great way to boost your movement confidence, find some at www.unitedsandc.co.uk.

Next week I will talk about modifications a bit more so you can understand how to do it for yourself.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Why Modifications are Your Best Friend! I hope that you found some of this information helpful on your health and fitness journey. If you would like further advice, or are struggling with a pain and you don’t quite know what to do, come and see me. You can use my Booking Link or check out my website for a little further information at www.astralfitness.co.uk

See you soon!