Take Advantage Of Your YouthTake advantage of your youth and get started with a program of strength training this week. And yes, you still have enough youth at any age to have a little fun with new experiences. Such as getting yourself into the gym or starting a new exercise regimen.

But what if you don’t like gym environments?

That’s ok. Not all strengthening happens in the gym. In fact, most often the things that will benefit you the most are the things that you enjoy. You can get strong doing any sport or organised physical activity, if you put in the effort and fill any movement gaps with other exercise.

What do I mean by movement gaps?

If you only ever play football as your regular activity, and sit at a desk for the majority of your working week, then there are a lot of movement gaps, because you are only moving from sitting height to walking/running/kicking, and back again. it is important for your hip and back health to regularly sit below parallel, ie. to the floor, and to move your body in all the planes of movement available to it. A good complement to desk work and occasional football or other sport, is pilates. Yoga works well too, as well as swimming or martial arts. Think about what muscles are not being regularly utilised in your sport and fill the gap with something else before a weakness in that area causes an injury that puts you out of your chosen sport for a frustratingly long time.

If you are already suffering from an injury that has benched you for far longer than you would like, then get yourself booked in get sorted.

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Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Take Advantage Of Your Youth.

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