You’re the Youngest You’ll Ever be, Right NowA common theme spoken about at Astral Fitness is about how it is never too late to start improving your fitness or learning something new.

Right this moment, you are the youngest you’ll ever be again. You won’t get back your youth. The ease of movement as a teenager or the quick bounce back and recovery of your twenties. That said, you are still young enough. Even if you’re reading this in your seventies, you are still young enough to get started on improving your movement and strength. I’ll tell you why.

As you age, your body will naturally lose about 3-8% of your muscle mass per decade after the age of 30. With it speeding up dramatically after 60.
Bone loss also occurs, more predominantly in women from menopause. Its roughly equally in both men and women from age 50.

You’re the Youngest You’ll Ever be, Right Now

Losses in both muscle and bone can lead to issues with mobility and flexibility. As well as the leading cause of disability in the aged population. It is also a leading factor in falls and the bones broken as a result. And because of the changes in your muscles and bones, breakages when you are older take so much longer to heal. They have been known to not heal at all.

Strength training and exercise have been proven to help slow the loss of both muscle and bone, and it is never too late to start protecting yourself.
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