Your Hips - Know Your BodyThere are 21 muscles that cross each hip joint… that is a lot of muscle that needs to be strong to propel your body forward when you walk. In fact, other muscles also get involved in walking, your calves to name one. But your hips? They are at the centre of your world, anatomically speaking. Without hips you wouldn’t walk, run, sit, stand, swim, ride horses… you get the idea. And if they are not looked after optimally, then they will affect your whole body.

There is a direct relationship between your right hip and left shoulder via a soft tissue structure known as fascia. And similarly your left hip has a relationship with your right shoulder. Tightness in your hips can lend to the same in your shoulders, which can have a knock-on effect to your shoulders, as well as issues travelling downwards to your knees, ankles and feet. Your hips being grumpy can lend to back pain too, as an integral part of the hip complex is the lower portion of your spine, making up what is know as the sacroiliac joint. Along with this, your hips are home to a total of five joints, which can take some looking after.

Strength Training Is The Key To Happy Everything

And I may have said this a million times now, but strength training is the key to happy everything, including your hips. Strengthening your hips will lend to overall better health, but importantly, will keep you relatively pain free and moving well for the rest of your life. Strong hips help prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Where do you start if you already have sore hips? Do they wake you in the night throbbing? Or perhaps when you relax in the evening?
Get started right now with some air squats to wake your hips up and then do a little of your own research of what you can do to help them. Look for hip opening moves too… your hips will thank you.

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