Your KneesKnees can be funny things, some people never experience issues with theirs, while others always feel like something is not quite right with their knees.

Your knees get a hard time of it too, supporting your body weight in every activity, but also they respond to what is happening at the hip and the ankle, because the knee is sandwiched between both of these very mobile joints, it just has to do what its told. So what are you telling your knees to do?
Do they stay partially flexed all day while you sit on an office chair or the sofa? Do they get to experience a variety of movements? Contrary to popular belief, knees can and should do side to side movements to make sure that they are strong and healthy, especially if you want them to survive random lateral movements when they occur in everyday life.

Your kneecap, the patella, ‘floats’ in the tendinous attachment of your quad muscles – one of the main movers of your legs and hips… another reason for strong legs. Along with your quadriceps, your hamstrings and adductors operate your knee, as well as your calf muscles and a few other little ones to help your knee unlock some key movements.


If there is dysfunction at your foot, ankle, or hip, then your knee will likely be the first to let you know. But what if you have ruled out issues there and you are still having knee discomfort?

It is hard to see inside the knee, and look at the hidden structures that might be causing problems, which is why it is important to make sure that all of the muscles which support your knees are as strong as they possibly can be before chasing down a deeper cause.

Because your patella sits in the tendons of your quads, it will take longer than simple muscle strengthening to get your knee strong, as tendons take that bit longer, so don’t lose heart. Come and chat to us in the first instance and see if there is simply something muscular that can be helped with some sports massage and tailored advice. We have seen a lot of things and will often know straight away if you need to seek further help for your knee.

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