Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024… and the beginning of the fifth year I have been writing these blogs, and the fifth year some of you have been reading them and I am already wondering, maybe like you, what changes have you made from reading them and if you haven’t quite reached that point of making changes, whether this year will finally be your year?

Being completely honest, it is easy to fall into that trap of just plodding along to get through each day and each week, then month and every year, because once you’re an adult, monotony is the buzzword of adulting… it’s how the bills get paid. I’m guilty of it, so is Jen, and so are many of you reading this… we just keep swimming…
But what if your current routine just is not meeting your basic requirements to live an active and healthy life? What if with each passing year you find that going to work, and playing with your kids, and doing the things you love, just get that little bit harder? Or maybe you are suffering with more injuries and niggles than ever before?
Make this January the first step to a better you, and remember, it really all starts with just one step.

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024

So get out for that walk today and if something is holding you back, get booked in for a sports massage sooner rather than later. Not only does massage feel great because of the hormone release, it can help you feel less stressed and more able to face doing that one thing you’ve been putting off.

Pssssst. The prices went up this month, as we are working on some different things to benefit you and your treatments. But maybe you also missed out on the membership reopening last month? Well maybe you’re in luck… the doors close this week for one last lucky member – join up and secure last year’s prices on all your monthly massages this year. Email [email protected] and get signed up.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024.

Don’t forget to get your next sports massage at www.astralfitness.co.uk. You can use my Booking Link or check out my website for a little further information at www.astralfitness.co.uk

We look forward to helping you.
Chloe & Jen

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