The Answers To Muscle PainRemember at the start of December when I said that sometimes you might wake up in the morning and moving might trigger you to hurt a bit, but then moving was the exact solution to that pain? What an oxymoron that is!

Let me explain.

Sleeping is a period of resting and repair for your body, and you wake up hurting somewhere you did not when you went to sleep. Why is that? It nearly never is because you slept funny on it. Jen and I hear this time and again and it simply is not true in most cases.

The Answers To Muscle Pain – Move!

Usually it is because you went to bed with stress in your head or body that was not properly resolved and you could not shift it before waking and you woke up with it hurting. More often it is because of weeks, months, or years, of poor movement patterns or irregular movement and your muscles have simply had enough with something you demanded of them recently – they could not cope. Muscles that can’t cope, hurt. So moving them first thing hurts, and while it hurts it is so very tempting to alter how you move to prevent the pain, or to not move very much at all.

At the time of writing this I had this exact thing happen to me when I woke up. A muscle in my back was cramping and in severe pain. I had a think about why it could be and it is almost certainly down to a stressful few months where my workouts have been a bit off kilter too. So the quickest solution to the intense pain I was experiencing was to have a workout.

I chose the workout carefully to make sure the muscle in question would be moved adequately. I chose a kettlebell workout as it is quite dynamic and involves swinging the weight around. And it worked, solving the pain about 90%, with the rest dissipating over the rest of the day with stretches and movement snacks to keep it mobile.

Book In A Sports Massage

If that had not worked, after a couple of days, I would have booked in a sports massage with Jen so that the muscle could be released and so I could get back to my normal life.

Does this happen to you regularly?

Does it take days to recover? Or weeks?

Maybe a regular sports massage regime will be beneficial to you.

Start the new year the way you mean to go on and get yourself booked in.

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We hope that you have enjoyed your Christmas and have a fantastic new year celebration.

We are so very thankful for our continued support and hope to continue seeing you next year.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – The Answers To Muscle Pain – Move!

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We look forward to helping you.
Chloe & Jen

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