Are You Hurting from a New Fitness Regime?

Hello and welcome to my brand-new blog topic for February! I hope that you have had a productive few weeks in to the new year, quite often this does mean introducing a new fitness regime, or attempting to be more committed to a previous programme, or trying something new.


You’re probably a few weeks into it now, and if you haven’t already experienced DOMS, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, then you’re one of the lucky ones!
DOMS is very common amongst new and experienced athletes, and it is when your muscles are adjusting to a brand-new workout, or a change in what you do. It can feel quite painful 1-3 days after your workout, especially in movements that mimic what you have done. New to squatting? It might hurt to get up off the sofa, or to lower yourself onto a toilet seat!

Reducing DOMS

Hurting from a New Fitness Regime?The very best way to reduce DOMS from DOMinating you, is to repeat a less intense version of your workout two to three days after the ‘offending’ workout. Stay well hydrated and stretch your muscles gently to ease some of the tightness.
You might find that DOMS is a reoccurring issue for you, and you can’t quite get to the bottom of why, you might find a sports massage beneficial for you. I can have a look at your posture as a starting point to give me some clues and then ease the muscle tensions that your new workouts have given you. It can be handy to have a regular massage to keep on top of aches and pains if you find that you seem to experience DOMS on a regular basis.

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