Hello and welcome to my brand-new blog topic for February!
How are the new workouts going? How is your current plan faring? Are they still serving you well, or is the boredom starting to set in? Are you just hurting each week with no end in sight?

Giving Up

Giving Up - Don'tIt is around this point every year, that people start to wane in their fitness commitments, and most people quit after just three months, with the rest of them giving up within five months. Then there is a huge gap of no exercise before starting up all over again the following January.
If you read last months blog, you will see that I don’t believe in new years resolutions, but it is still very common for most people to review their previous year in January and make big commitments to changing.
It would make it much easier on your mental and physical health to do a little bit of fitness every week, even just one class or one workout, than trying to go overboard four or more times a week for a few months, and then struggling to recover, and dealing with the inevitable guilt of giving up.

What do you really want to achieve with your fitness?

Are you aiming to run a marathon this year? Lose excess fat? Lift heavy? Take up a new hobby that requires fitness, such as a martial art? Knowing the answer to this and making a plan to help you achieve what you need, will help you to understand your workouts and activities, as well as not overdo it, and decrease the likelihood of you hurting as much after your workouts.
If the hurting is getting too much, book in for a massage. I offer Personal Training sessions if you get really stuck with what movements you should be doing to support yourself towards your goals, feel free to message me about it.

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