Miracle Of Biomechanical EvolutionYour body is a miracle of biomechanical evolution. It has 206 bones and over 600 muscles!
Six… HUNDRED… muscles. Wow.

Think about how much your body has had to go through to become the wonderful human you are, and you deserve to be as happy and healthy as possible. One of the quickest ways to be healthy, other than nutrition, is movement. And movement leads to happiness. Don’t believe us? Give it a go. Find a class, or a new gym, or do something new with a friend or your partner that gets you fitter and healthier. Your muscles need to be challenged to not only become stronger, but to remain as strong as they are right now.

Miracle Of Biomechanical Evolution

Got some muscular tightness somewhere in your body?
Got a painful muscle somewhere?
Got fatigue and tiredness?
Got an injury?
Got a bad back?
Got dodgy knees?
Got a chronic condition?

Get Expert Advice

The movement you can and should do might look different for each of those reasons above, but it doesn’t mean you should automatically assume that you don’t move because of it. Get expert advice if you are not sure, you are welcome to ask during an appointment with Jen or myself and to discuss options or to ask for some ideas to be sent via email to guide your journey into movement. You could also talk to a physio to help you – we personally recommend Broughton Astley Physios. Or engage a personal trainer.

United Gym, where Jen and I have our treatment room set up, has two amazing personal trainers to guide you, James at Insaiyan Performance and Sophie at Sophitness. If you have a specific issue you need to take into consideration, then I am happy to discuss your needs and design a program to suit you. Email me at [email protected]
Remember to go for walks over the festive period to keep your muscles and digestive system in tip top shape so you can enjoy every moment of it without any aches or pains joining in.

Merry Christmas and see you all soon.

Thank you for taking time to read this week’s blog – Miracle Of Biomechanical Evolution.

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We look forward to helping you.
Chloe & Jen

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