Physiological Need To MoveYour body wants to move. You have a deep psychological and physiological need to move. If you are able to move your body in any way at all, then you absolutely should.

Not everyone enjoys exercising or going to the gym to do said exercise, and that is ok. You do not need to go to the gym to have healthy movement in your life, but you also need to acknowledge that your body requires nutritious movement to stay healthy. And having healthy movement in your body will lead to a better relationship with your mental health too, what’s not to love?

Physiological Need To Move

If you love the gym or organised exercise, then you’re all set – just set some goals to keep you motivated and don’t be too hard on yourself if you go to three classes one week and one the next and so on, doing something every week with little daily movement snack thrown in will see you through.

What should you do though, if you just do not like the gym or organised classes?

Walking is a great option to get you started, but you should also introduce something that will challenge your muscles and joints to get stronger. Resistance training in its many forms is not only a way to get stronger, but it can also lessen the chances of having falls and breaking bones when you are older.

Think you don’t like exercise at all? Why?

Both Jen and I have met clients who dislike being sweaty through exercise, even when they are in desperate need of it. To these people we suggest that swimming is probably going to be their best choice. Think about what you like doing and what you don’t like and find something that brings you enjoyment.

Not sure how to get stronger or you have an injury or recurring problem you need to be careful around? Then have a chat with Chloe about booking in with her Personal Training sessions that are designed for your personal needs.

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