Movement Is For All The FamilyHello and welcome to this week’s blog. Movement Is For All The Family, as I have handily mentioned in the title. If you feel like you lack time to be active, or to exercise, or to move particularly with intention and variety, mostly because of work and familial commitments, then perhaps you need to get the whole family involved with healthy movement? And what movement should you do? Especially if you dislike traditional exercise or gym environments.

Your House

You have so much space you could utilise in your own house, and all you need is you. That’s right, nothing special is needed to improve your mobility and daily movement. Open YouTube or google on your phone, and search for ‘mobility movements’, pick a video and practise what you are able right on your living room floor. Go on, give it a go.

Your Garden

In the Spring and Summer, gardens are wonderful places to be. Lay out a towel or mat if you wish to avoid small traces of mud and practise a different movement and mobility video. IF you don’t like watching videos, try this:

Sit down then get up. Sit down and get up a different way, using the other arm or leg to push you. Then lay down on your back, and get up, then lay down on your front and get up. Try sitting in a low squat and get down slowly to laying, then getting back up. Done with control, these are very effective movements and are vital to train your brain and body to get back up after a fall.

Your Local Park

Does your park have outdoor gym equipment? Go and play on it. Nothing serious if you don’t like that sort of thing, but it adds movement and variety of movement to your day. Walk around the park and choose the bumpy lumpy areas to walk over to challenge your ankles, knees, and hips.

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