Getting Prepped for Winter and Why it is ImportantHello and welcome to Part Three of this months blog topic – Getting Prepped for Winter and Why it is Important. Winter is coming, and getting prepped for it can take a little while if your fitness has been a little off point over the spring and summer months. Now is definitely time to start.

Last week I suggested you look into joining a gym, or learning a new activity to get you moving. If moving and being active don’t come naturally to you, or you sit at a desk all day and find it hard to motivate yourself to consider fitting something else into your already packed schedule, then consider alternating your schedule just one small step at a time.

Exchange your commute from driving or catching the bus, to walking once a week. Or cycling once a week. Or both?! That could be one day cycling, one day walking, and the others driving. Not only are you improving your own fitness, you are contributing to reducing carbon emissions. If you work from home, or are too far away from work, or your work IS driving, what about committing two lunchtimes a week to walking for the duration? Eat lunch early, and get out and fill your lungs with fresh air before it becomes really fresh!

Getting Prepped for Winter and Why it is Important

But, be prepared for these small changes. Get your workout gear ready the night before, or the right shoes to walk in packed or placed by the door. A little planning ahead can help enormously with sticking to a plan.

If you think you might change your mind last minute, enlist a friend to walk with you, or log your steps into a virtual challenge and reward yourself with a medal or a meal out at the end of each month.

Still not sure where to start? Message me on [email protected] and take up my personal training services. I specialise in helping people get started on their fitness journeys, train around injuries and chronic conditions as well as helping women understand just how strong and capable their bodies are.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today, I hope that you found it useful. Please head over to my bookings page at to get any of those aches and pains sorted out with sports massage before the colder air arrives.


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