Getting Prepped for Winter and Why it is ImportantHello and welcome to Part Five of this months blog. Winter is just around the corner and September is the perfect month to get active again after the summer holidays, and to ensure that winter can be as active and as fun as possible.

When starting a new fitness regime, it is important to start slowly and increase your activity one step at a time. DOMS, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, can be a real hurdle for a lot of people when thinking about starting exercise. Many of us have experienced it at least once in our lives, when we have exerted ourselves beyond our current strength, and we hurt a few days later.

For some people, that is enough to never try again, and there is so much being missed out on by succumbing to that mentality. If you’re relating to this, you might find that being a little more gentle with yourself at the beginning will help. You will still experience DOMS, but to a lesser extent, and the more you move, the more you want to move, and the less the DOMS will hurt and the quicker it will resolve. In fact, the best way to ease DOMS, is to do another workout. Not immediately, but a few days later, doing the same worjout. Or similar, can really help those sore muscles unwind and release some of their tension.

Getting Prepped for Winter and Why it is Important

If that is not your cup of tea, then I happen to know someone who can help you ease those DOMS…. Me!

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today, I hope that you found it useful.