Hello and welcome to Octobers blog – Movement Variation. A brand new subject to discuss with you.

So what is Movement Variation, and why am I discussing it?

Movement VariationIt is exactly as it sounds, actually. I am discussing it because variety in your movements is absolutely key to having a healthy and active body for right now, and for the rest of your life.

When I am talking with clients in my treatment room, I will often be heard saying to them to Move Like You Don’t Usually, which is probably a more complicated way to say Move with Variety.

How Was Your Week?

I’d like you to take a moment and have a think about the week you have just spent, and all the different movements your body performed during that week.

Did you spend the whole week doing your desk job? Did you get out of bed, get dressed, drive your car, sit at your desk…. And then repeat that to return to your bed at the end of the day? If this sounds familiar to you I’d like you to now think about the movements your body went through to achieve that day.

You laid, you stood, your arms went momentarily above your head to get dressed, you walked down stairs and out to your car, your sat at a comfortable height in the car. You walked to your desk and sat a comfortable height and then you go home, you eat dinner on a comfortable height chair, then you retire for the evening to sit on a comfortable height sofa.

How Much Do You Move?

You might be one of the few who exercise a couple of times a week, which is great, but does the exercise take your body out of its comfort zone? Or does it simply mimic what you have done all day, making use of the movements you are already very capable of and are strong in?

Very few of us actually move each of our bodies joints through all of the movements they are capable of, which can lead to worrying issues with them – namely that they begin to lose some of the range of movement they are capable of performing.

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